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Friday, December 19, 2008

God is watching over her!!

we have officially moved into the home with no bottles and man the stack of diapers are lasting forever these days!!
the other day we watched as Sarah's nipple to her bottle, fell off in her mouth!! man was it scary! she wasn't sucking too hard, she was more like chomping and all it took was one good chomp... and off fell the top part of the nipple! thankfully we were right there watching her this time. That was literally her last nipple in the house. Jacob and I both agreed that they are both old enough to just cold turkey...stop the bottle!! it's been a few days now and we are surviving it!! they are sleeping better through the night and waking up dry!!
My babies are being forced to grow up!! what will life be like this summer? we may be having a family trip to a far away land!! it's in the workings...but more on that later!! Sarah's siblings are home from school today because of a snow storm. we are going to make more cookies and maybe later go play in the snow!!