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Friday, September 16, 2011

Confirmed once again..

that Sarah has been healed! What a day! So we are home and Sarah is fast to sleep after a little snugggle time and some talk about today ening with a prayer for Sarah and for the children who are fighting life with Cancer.MRI I'm so drained! Sarah was a trooper! She had the nurses laughing and momma almost crying. I just wish they could do all this MRI's with no IV's we could do it in a breeze! IT breaks my heart that they have to do the IV but i know there is no getting around it! But we put this day behind us rejoicing that it has been confirmed once again that Sarah has been healed.
Last night Sarah had me (mommy) all to herself after all her siblings and daddy left us.
MRI 009
while we stayed at a hotel, just the two of us.  She sat in the bed wanting to do school work MRI 010

so we did that right after we painted fingers and toes.
MRI 012
So we headed to the hospital at 5:30 in the morning. when we got to the parking lot the tears began! At that point i almost began too. I know that God has healed her and she will share that as well with anyone who asks or is willing to listen.  I was nervous/anxious not for the MRI but instead for all that  led up to the scan. Her veins are so hard to find and she doesn't like it one bit! Because of her age she must be sedated for the procedure. With that there is always risks.  to be honest that wasn't what concerned me. What concerned me was getting the IV started with out too many pokes..... WE have had an awesome team that works on Sarah in the past and I finally got to the point of being comfortable with...they new Sarah and they were great! We walked in and it was a COMPLETELY different team. But God had it all under control.  The head nurse's husband's veins are tough as well and so she knew how I felt and what Iwas saying. So we started....and the vein they usually could get collapsed and so they looked  and looked for another one.  Sarah was so great though, yes she was scared but she handled it.  She sat still and they were able to get the second vein on the first try! Once that was set, I could have cried.  It is heart wrenching to see your child going through hard situations. I don't doubt that  God's promises are yes and amen!
once the scan had started I went to the cafe to get a drink of I sat drinking my coffee I began to ask the Lord why did you bring me here, who is it that you want to speak to?
I went back to the MRI waiting room and there were 2 older ladies sitting there.  Yhey saw that I had a stroller that was they began to ask questions...the open door! I thank the Lord that he cares. That he hears his children when they pray. As I shared with one of the ladies, I don't understand why God allows children to go through what children go through, Sarah is a living miracle and when people listen to her testimony...of how she had cancer and Jesus healed her...they listen..Sarah has shared Jesus with so many people because of what he has brought her through... as he mom, I've shared Jesus with people who i may never see again and may have never met if Sarah hadn't been healed.  Do i wish and pray she didn't have to go through it, of course, but if one person has been touched by the Holy Spirit because of what we've had to go through. then let Jesus shine!
Thank you to all who have prayed for Sarah this week!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

MRI week

Sarah will have her MRI this Friday at 8:30....
thought i know she has been healed, (if your a mom you  will understand why I'm asking for prayer).
it's hard to watch your 4 year old daughter being prepped for an MRI. The fighting the nurses just because she doesn't understand why they want to give he a needle to star the IV. the fighting and then moments later the little daughter who is sleeping! it's tough. 
This time we will meet with the Neurologost who performed Sarah's surgery the morning of November 28th. He will read the results( about 2 hours) after her MRI, As i said i know she is cancer free and we rejoice in that. but I'm still  human!
I'm not saying I'm doubting that she has been healed. i know it and she does too! i have to go to the hospital alone and Sarah knows what happens and she lets EVERYONE know she is not happy =0) she 's a big girl and i struggle with her.
Please pray that the nurses will not have problems finding her veins, that Sarah stays healthy ALL this week, for physical strength for me as i take her.
i will post good news on that day! thank you to all who have followed us through this fight and path that we walk!
many blessings!