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Thursday, December 8, 2011

We've been busy

Just wanted to drop in while i was taking a lunch break from teaching our kids to share some pictures of Sarah busy playing with friends.  she is getting so excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday!
This week held a lot of memories. it was 4 years ago this week we brought our little 1 year old home with her new 25 staples, we were also informed that is it was cancer and we booked our first MRI! It seems like yesterday in a way. That week and the months to follow were hard! I remember being scared that Sarah would hit her head, or go into seizures, that she would try and pull the staples out...  or worse that the others would be scared stiff of her=0) If they were not scared, would they be so interested in her new style, that they themselves would try to pull them out... But I'm happy to say we survived! and survived with a smile. i learned to just enjoy my kids, no matter how many fights they have, enjoy them. enjoy that fact that Sarah is here to fight, Sarah is here sing, laugh and cause others to laugh and fight =0)

Enjoy your children for there are families out there battling the fight with cancer, there is a little boy or girl taking their last breath, there is a mom and dad having to give their little one back into the hands of Jesus.  I don't understand why were were spared from that, But i let it be a learning experience and let Sarah know all the time Jesus has a special plan for her life because she is still here.  
so now that my eyes are all wet, i will share some pictures, 
 we have put up our tree


here she is reading her devotion book by the Tree!SOOC  week 46-gratefulness
the other day we had a cookie play date and Sarah was right there helping me with the prep work!
craft 035
we also had her neighbor friends help decorate the cookies!
hard at workthe crew minus a 2 year old
We also had some fun making our own sand ornaments
craft 073craft 052craft 078
we've been busy but enjoying life with our little miracle(s)!

We love you Sarah