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Sunday, September 28, 2008

10 months ago...

this was God has been so faithful to us and to our little girl. In Two months we will celebrate the girls 2nd birthday. Little Sarah has gone through more then i have in the 2 short years (then i have in my 32 years!)that God has allowed us to have her.

What a life, What a testimony! I never thought I could love someone as much as i love you. You are God's and we know that God has a special plan for you.

I thank the Lord for carrying us through these last 2 years. We are still listening to the Heartbeat of Jesus. and we still feel his arms of love wrapped around us as we hold her today.

this is Sarah today, full of life, laughter and trouble...
we love you little girl and are so proud of who you are!! May Jesus continue to watch over you and protect you in all that you do. May you grow in the wisdom and knowledge of your Healer and Savior!

Friday, September 26, 2008

How the MRI went...

Will the ride to the hospital ever go well??? A little side note before I get to Sarah's MRI...

We were driving for about 45 minutes again when out of nowhere came this thick whitish fog that smelled like rubber burning... I began to think...this is going to be a horrible accident, good thing we left early! Despite my thought we continue to drive without seeing more then 20 feet in front of us, all we could see was the car's (in front of ours) flashers. they were moving but a t a REALLY slow pace, I thought I can't stay here and I don't want to keep going if we re going to have to sit in this smell, by this time my windshield looked as though some one was sifting black powder sugar right over my car.... and then the "fog" was gone but the smell cleared up outside though my windshield was a mess. I look up and I saw this tractor trailer in front of us pouring what seemed to be steam coming from the top of his truck. And then it was white again....I thought to myself, I just have to pass him and try to pull of off I 81 into a gas station...God’s hand protected us and we got to a gas station. The front of our vehicle was BLACK, and the windshield was covered in what appeared to be grease. Some thing told me not to touch the windshield wipers while I was driving, thank the Lord I didn't. When I parked the van, I turned them on, I would have caused a HORRIBLE accident if I had tried to do it when I was driving, I literally could not see the front of my vehicle.We had to use bleach to get it off the car....It was such a mess but praise the Lord he protected us and other drivers that were also driving into the "white fog". Thank you to those of you who lifted us up in prayer... The angels were surrounding us and it was evident!!

We finally got to the hospital with little time to spare...

I absolutely loved the team that worked with Sarah today, I felt like they really cared about us...and although they had a hard time starting an IV Sarah was okay with it. She didn’t like it too much when they tried to flush the first one and it wasn’t flushing...but Sarah was a trooper. They did their best and got one started with out to much poking...
Anyway She made it through the MRI just fine and we will hear back from the doctors in a few days, if not I will be calling them about the results; I will pass it along to you.

this was Sarah waiting for her appointment

please don't mind the half naked girl..she was soooooo angry after it was all done the she wanted nothing to do with anything:0( as you see she didn't even want her seat belt on properly) i do promise you though we started off with it on the right way...(Shawni..this one reminds me of your daughter!!)

She got her self so worked up that i thought she was going to need a breathing treatment. after about 15 minutes of screaming...she cried herself to sleep..and this was the scene the rest of the way......

thank you to all who remembered us in your prayers, please check back for the MRI results in a few days

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

we are off...

once again

Wednesday the 24th we will try once again to get this MRI completed....will let you know how it goes.please pray for safe traveling and that all goes well during the MRI!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

another day

we were in the car and had been driving for about 1 hour when Jacob's cell phone rang...the hospital had called him and told Jacob that they had to cancel Sarah's MRI and that they would be calling us later in the day to let us know why it was canceled and when it would be re-scheduled. But we never heard back from them…is it okay for me to say, “I’ve had enough!!?” but lets look at it on a brighter note…Sarah was sick so most likely they would not have done the procedure anyway, but because they cancelled we will get it re-scheduled in a quicker way…right??? Well that’s how I’m trying to look at it.
We did stop at the children’s hospital in Wilkes Barre and say “thank you” to Dr. Allen and the nurses who worked that night that Sarah had her seizures…to my surprise they remembered it like it was just last night…that met so much to me. I wanted to take picture of Sarah with Dr. Allen but as I was taking the picture my batteries next time there will be pictures.

So I will let you guys know when it is re-scheduled.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah's MRI

we will be off to the hospital for Sarah's MRI on Wednesday. They will be checking to make sure no tumor is growing back. Her appointment is at 1:00, which will be little bit of a challenge, because Sarah will have to fast starting 6 hours prior. We are hoping to keep her busy so she won't realize she's not eating!Mom and Sarah will leave the house around 10:00 our plan is to stop and finally see the Doctor who noticed Sarah having that seizure that sent the red flags up! we have not been bale to meet with him to say "Thank you" to him or to the nurses either, they knew about Sarah' needing Brain surgery and that she made it through okay , but we have kind of lost contact with that hospital. so We are hoping to sneak in and briefly say hi....we will let you know how it goes when we find out anything

please keep us in your prayers.