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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

appointment went well...

couldn't have asked for a better appointment! Sarah didn't even want to go home!! she literally sat in the middle of the hall way by the front office playing with stickers, telling me" just a little longer mom just a little longer mom!!

the Doctor has no problem with waiting for the blood work until her next MRI. Sarah will not even know she is having blood drawn...they will do it through her IV while she is out!! praise the LORD!!

WE as parents want the best for her and even though there may not be a problem we need to be sure that we can catch it early enough if there is. we are concerned with her weight and if it's something we can just get under control NOW while she is young then she WONT struggle with it when she is older!

I'm not going into much more detail for the time being, just pray that God who can heal will heal once again IF there is a need!!
for now, enjoy these recent pictures of our miracle girls!!