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Saturday, October 2, 2010

a few pictures to catch up

Sarah is doing so well! A few weeks ago a little girl who Sarah had been praying for got her Complete healing from childhood cancer and is now in the arms of Jesus. days like those it make my heart heavy. Questions begin to come forth as we explain that this little girl had cancer... but is now in Heaven. Sarah reacts in different ways depending on her mood...we went from her just asking kid questions like, Why did "e" go to see Jesus to,Will I go there because of my "boo-boo?"
we just take it day by day and rejoice for every day we have with our little girl who loves life!!
it's been way too long between this post and last, life has gotten really busy with these 5 blessings, so please forgive me =0)

Sarah loves to write and man oh man she can concentrate!

one day after a few days of rain,
the sun came out and we spent most of the day playing outside!

this picture takes us back to our summer vacation with my parents! we bought this HUGE water slide the previous summer but never used it, so we took it on vacation with us and had a last!!

We also went to Stony Brook, the kids, even Sarah loved the natural water slides!

Here she is getting ready to go down took me a few times of the kids going down, with being comfortable about this whole scene =0)

We went to our first REAL beach..they loved it!
and we enjoyed out first paddle boat ride!!
We hit many playgrounds!
We also visited Grandma's A LOT this past summer... loved being around my mom!
and we enjoyed lots of "family time" around the fire with smore's
Sarah we love you and are so thankful for everyday we have with you.