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Monday, April 8, 2013


Just wanted to share some moments with you Sarah has been really sick since her MRI. the following week after her MRI she came down with a nasty cough. from the past we know that she crashes FAST if we don't stay on top of the seasons changing..well she crashed faster them mom could handle. she was placed on a steroid and is now coming off if it. her cough is under control but is on round the clock breathing treatments.. here she is pre meds laying on the couch wanting to read..


taking it easy and helping with the calendar
Call me crazy but sometimes the best thing to do is get them out! we had a lot of fun and enjoyed some warmer weather over this past weekend. We dug out the bikes and headed to the playground. Sarah was riding a two wheeler at the end of last summer but seemed to struggle with it, i'm sure it had to do with all that her body is dealing with, so wheni saw she was getting frustrated that everyone, even her 3 year old brother could ride his bike,
I pulled her aside and we had some mommy daughter time. she loved the attention and even asked me to take some pictures of her

today we went back out to a place that was flat.  She asked to try the big girl bike out
she did awesome! she's coming back around one

Looking back,
God has been protecting her, if she would have been on all these meds
 prior to her Last MRI they would not have done it.
That Last MRI was in God's perfect time!