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Sunday, June 14, 2009

she's turned another corner on us!

where does the time go? Sarah is completely done with both therapy classes. friendships were made that were hard to "let go" in a sense...Ms Katrina become more of mommy's friend then ever thought possible. Just the other day Sarah and Victoria were having a bad moment.... and they kept asking for Ms Katrina! they didn't want mommy or daddy they wanted her! so the next day when Ms Katrina stopped by for the last session i told her.
Thinking it was priceless, she past along her address and phone number, the girls wanted to talk to her on the phone but i didn't have that info. but now that Ms Katrina is not the "therapist" we can become friends.
Ms Katrina, thank you for everything you endured with us!! thank you for loving Sarah even when she wasn't lovable!! For working with her when she wasn't teachable. Not sure what we will do every Friday mornings now!! but you will be thought of and we will be calling you! the girls just love you!!
being the last session,
the girls (even Victoria) got presents. Dora buckets shovels,
bubbles, stress balls and stickers..
the girls couldn't wait to play with the stickers...they had so much fun!
and when the stickers got"old" Sarah moved onto putting the bucket on her head!!

she is growing up on us! can hardly believe it!! Seriously, where did the time go!?
we love you little princess and are so proud of what you have accomplished so far!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


i seem to have forgotten to mention some pretty big news on here...

It seems as though Sarah will be done with her Physical therapy. we met for the last time today! we are so thankful to me Matt for all his help and for loving on Sarah when she just wasn't very lovable!! but she has crossed over to the point of not qualifying for help!! it is such a bittersweet day! she is becoming more and more as a 2 year old should!

we are so proud of you little fighter! God has so much in store for you! Each day brings you one step closer!!

and now onto some other big news! it seems to be that God's plan is bigger then ours and his ways are clearly not ours!! We recently found out that Sarah and Her twin sister will become a "big" sisters!! but more on this exciting news later

thank you all for your prayers for Sarah during these two years! she is moving forward and reminds us daily of just how awesome our God is!!