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Thursday, September 18, 2008

another day

we were in the car and had been driving for about 1 hour when Jacob's cell phone rang...the hospital had called him and told Jacob that they had to cancel Sarah's MRI and that they would be calling us later in the day to let us know why it was canceled and when it would be re-scheduled. But we never heard back from them…is it okay for me to say, “I’ve had enough!!?” but lets look at it on a brighter note…Sarah was sick so most likely they would not have done the procedure anyway, but because they cancelled we will get it re-scheduled in a quicker way…right??? Well that’s how I’m trying to look at it.
We did stop at the children’s hospital in Wilkes Barre and say “thank you” to Dr. Allen and the nurses who worked that night that Sarah had her seizures…to my surprise they remembered it like it was just last night…that met so much to me. I wanted to take picture of Sarah with Dr. Allen but as I was taking the picture my batteries next time there will be pictures.

So I will let you guys know when it is re-scheduled.

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