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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah's MRI

we will be off to the hospital for Sarah's MRI on Wednesday. They will be checking to make sure no tumor is growing back. Her appointment is at 1:00, which will be little bit of a challenge, because Sarah will have to fast starting 6 hours prior. We are hoping to keep her busy so she won't realize she's not eating!Mom and Sarah will leave the house around 10:00 our plan is to stop and finally see the Doctor who noticed Sarah having that seizure that sent the red flags up! we have not been bale to meet with him to say "Thank you" to him or to the nurses either, they knew about Sarah' needing Brain surgery and that she made it through okay , but we have kind of lost contact with that hospital. so We are hoping to sneak in and briefly say hi....we will let you know how it goes when we find out anything

please keep us in your prayers.

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