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Thursday, August 28, 2008

9 months later

9 months today Sarah was becoming a "cancer free where has the time gone!

so where is Sarah today? thanks for asking, let me share.

she is 32 pounds,
as far as we know cancer free!
learning sign language,
feeds herself,
going potty like a big girl,
loves to play with her siblings, once in awhile you'll hear a giggle or two..usually means someones doing things they shouldn't ! but praise the Lord she is here and is able to get into trouble!

(know come on just look at that face...she is a perfect angel ALL the time!!!)

no longer a crawler!
loves her fruit,

loves almost anything we give her in fact!!

loves to play in the tub,

like to jump off things! (Thanks for some gray hairs Sarah)
walks up the stairs,
likes to tease her sister and pull her hair, Victoria does deserve it at times LOL
does sleep through the night at times!! (we are still working on this)
is getting ready for her 2 MRI in a few weeks!
she is such a little miracle and her story has been told to so many people, I thank the Lord that he has allowed us to go down this road, giving us the strength to turn it around for His glory!! we don't know what the future holds for Sarah but God does and he will be right here next to us every step of the way and because of this promise I know he will not give us more then we can handle!!

we love you Sarah! and we are so proud of who you are already!!

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