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Sunday, September 11, 2011

MRI week

Sarah will have her MRI this Friday at 8:30....
thought i know she has been healed, (if your a mom you  will understand why I'm asking for prayer).
it's hard to watch your 4 year old daughter being prepped for an MRI. The fighting the nurses just because she doesn't understand why they want to give he a needle to star the IV. the fighting and then moments later the little daughter who is sleeping! it's tough. 
This time we will meet with the Neurologost who performed Sarah's surgery the morning of November 28th. He will read the results( about 2 hours) after her MRI, As i said i know she is cancer free and we rejoice in that. but I'm still  human!
I'm not saying I'm doubting that she has been healed. i know it and she does too! i have to go to the hospital alone and Sarah knows what happens and she lets EVERYONE know she is not happy =0) she 's a big girl and i struggle with her.
Please pray that the nurses will not have problems finding her veins, that Sarah stays healthy ALL this week, for physical strength for me as i take her.
i will post good news on that day! thank you to all who have followed us through this fight and path that we walk!
many blessings!

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