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Saturday, August 9, 2008

the fun has begun!

Let the fun begin...
we started Physical and speech therapy with Sarah, which is helping her speech, not to sure if it's doing anything with her walking! She has just decided that the little things at the end of her feet are there to walk on!

We are teaching her sign language and we are noticing that she is trying to speak now. she gets her point across... especially when she has to go potty.... we hear you loud and clear little girl!

here she is walking, in the video below if you've joined this blog by the link of you have already watched it! but as a mother of this daughter, I could sit and watch it over and over, each step she takes reminds me of the miracles God has performed already!

Sarah started to take steps a few weeks ago, but now we are noticing that she is choosing to walk more then crawl, and even does a "side walk" up the stairs! so far we have had no mishaps! going up and down the stairs or falling into something! keep praying about that this will continue!

We are headed to a little carnival later, I'm hoping to post pictures of her later. so please check back, and once again, I thank you for checking in on our little girl!

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