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Thursday, October 9, 2008

EEG is scheduled

just wanted to fill you in on what will happen now. Sarah needs to be checked to see if she is still having seizures, they will do an EEG on Sarah to see if there are any brain waves that show seizure activity. this is a painless procedure, well..i should say no shots.

for those of you who don't' know what they will do, let me explain...

Sarah didn't like the last one she had done and I'm sure she won't like to go through this one either :0) they will have to attached little wires that have some king of gel substance on one end to her head, (Seems likes at least 40!) but I'm not sure how many to tell you the truth.

then once she is all hooked up they read her brain activity, from the info they collect, they can tell if Sarah is having seizures still, Let me back up for a moment, the doctors do think that the brain tumor was causing the seizures and since the tumor is gone, they now have to see if there have been any, while she is on the medicine for seizures, they will have to wean her from the medicine and do more testing like this as time passes.

From start to finish the EEG takes about 2 hours. about an hour for hook up, if you will, and then and hour for brain activity... this will take place on October 27th at 9:30 in the morning. we will let you know how it goes and I'm sure i will remind you guys to please pray for safety on the road as it seems like we always run into something to try and get us off track...

It really is a painless procedure but for a 2 year old who doesn't like doctors and who will be pretty much in a kangaroo pouch, not able to move, it's going to seem as though they are hurting if anyone out there would like to go with me to support mom...I'll take the support, dad, can't make it because of his job!! let me know!

let me end with this picture, it is Sarah just a few days ago..and this is her scar...

Doctor did an AWESOME job and Jesus healed it up nicely!!

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