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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

can i brag!!?

Is it okay if I brag about our little miracle girl!!?

she is shocking the pants off us! two days in a row now she is dry! tells us when she has to go potty and goes like there is no tomorrow!! she wakes up and first thing she does is walk over to the little potty!

these two girls go back and forth, right now Sarah is putting her older sister(by a minute;0)) to shame...with this potty training thing!!. don't get me wrong her sister goes all the time, but Sarah is more consistent with, lets see how should i say this....going #2!! I haven't changed a messy diaper with Sarah in DAYS!

I had wanted them both potty trained by two...well they still have 10 days!! and if they continue on the road they are on will happen!!

PRAISE JESUS!! can we say altogether.."diaper days are coming to an end..."hey, i heard that, little voice saying, yep just in time to have another..... nope Jacob and I are not even thinking about #5 right now!! we are very content with our four little blessing!!

This morning Sarah PT came had been almost a month since are schedules lined up and Mr. Matt couldn't believe how well Sarah is getting around!! it was music to this momma's ears!!
well that is all the bragging i will do this time..enjoy these recent pix of Sarah and her crazy, silly brother, Josiah...who is becoming VERY affectionate

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