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Monday, January 26, 2009

it's been too long!

Sarah is doing well...we have been very busy with sick children, but i felt as though I needed to show you some pictures of Sarah...

she is doing so well..getting more and more vocal as the days go by, she is learning her ABC's believe it or not, and loves to listen to praise and worship music and dances, I'll have to video tape her and Tori dancing together!!
she is almost ready for a big girls bed
i say that but I'm not ready for late hour party times that will turn out like this in the girls bedroom....
...needs mommy to get a little more brave when it comes to night time diapers...she is 99.9% potty trained. even when she was/is sick, she hated to wear the we tried a day without any...that little stinker showed mommy and daddy off!!
she is truly our little miracle girl!! please keep her in your prayers. she has had to go back on all her meds again, and we got pretty nervous a couple of times with her breathing. She has improved over the course of today. instead of every 3 hours with breathing treatments, she is able to go for 4 hours. And also she is beginning to get more frequent ear infections (kind of funny because up until her sister had tubes, Sarah really didn't have ear that tubes are in her (tori's) ears, Sarah must feel she needs attention....)
she is growing like a weed!! and seems to love every adventure that is around the next corner!!

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