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Sunday, January 11, 2009

MRI and catching up

Sarah is set to have another MRI on Wednesday the 14th. please pray that she stays healthy. we have a nasty virus running through the house. I was brushing her teeth and noticed that she has little bubbles in her mouth...praying that they will just be gone... Timothy came down with the same thing and was sick for 5 days...

so please continue to pray for Sarah.

She is doing awesome these last few weeks. seems as though she is repeating more things! and is forming more two word sentences! she goes down for naps with no diapers and wakes up during the nights and yells, "potty" if she has to go!!

On more then one occasion both Jacob and myself have confused Sarah and her sister...Sarah is still holding her weight, while her sister is putting it on!! makes life more fun!!

Over this past weekend we celebrated her older brother's b-day at Chuckie cheese's...and it was so neat to see Sarah having fun walking around and climbing into things. it seems as though her little world is opening's sad on one hand to see my baby growing more and more independent everyday but on the other hand she is such a little miracle and it brings joy to see her becoming her own person. Each day is just one more day that we realize just how special she is.

one thing about Sarah that has blossomed is the fact that she says, "love you" with little arms stretched up and lips ready to give kisses!! she will take your heart if you let her!!

okay, didn't mean to get all mushy on you. gotta run i will try and post pictures of Sarah during the next couple of days between the many doctor appointments this week.

thank you for all your prayers and i will keep you posted on her MRI (which is at 9:00 AM)

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