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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

enjoying a "new Sarah"

Sarah has become a "new" girl!! i say this because we are seeing a different side of her daily!
she is getting around so nice now, it's almost as though she has figured out that the things at the end of her legs can get her anywhere and fast!! Last summer we tried to go out to the playgrounds, and though we did, i will admit it was stressful...Sarah was still wobbly and not really walking yet, she cried about everything. she was mostly frustrated that she couldn't go where everyone else was!! we've been to Chuckie Cheese's and she loves climbing in the tunnels... she would never have done it last year!!

this is her watching her brothers jumping on our moon bouncer... the other day she was out playing in our back yard, walking all over the place like she owned it all!!

to look at her, one would never know she has already had brain surgery!! My God is awesome...come back for more spring action pictures!!

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