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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ears and MRI

for some time now we (the doctors and us as parents) have been watching Sarah to see if she too would need tubes. we went to the specialist a month ago, at that time he said he wanted to wait to see how long Sarah would go with no infections. well she didn't go long! Just getting of meds for a recent Ear infection, proves that even with meds, they are not clearing up.

SO this morning when they ear doctor said, tubes are needed i was not shocked! she will go in at the end of May for tubes. will pass on more info when available.

we are also scheduling her MRI, it will be in June. please keep her in your prayers as we head into the next couple of months. As i get more details about these appointment i will pass them along.

thank you following us in prayer as we continue on this path that The Lord has laid before us.

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