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Monday, August 10, 2009

update on MRI

thank you for all your prayers for Sarah today! I will say, this was the easiest by far for both mom and Sarah. Our little trooper did it with no tears, well....okay there were a few when she got the initial shot..but that was it! she even had the doctors laughing at one point! she is such a trooper!

The IV was only only poke, and it stayed, with no problems with flushing!! Praise the Lord!! although we know what the Great Physicians report already says, and that is that Sarah is HEALED, we must wait for the Doctors from the hospital say!!

the next time we go back Sarah will be a big sister! Six months spans now!! which will out us in February!!

I can not say thank you enough to all who have joined us on this journey in prayer for a little girl you may never meet this side of Heaven, but someday you will hear her say, Thank you for your prayers! she is our little miracle girl!!

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