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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


in no order!

we had some "spring" like temps today so we headed outside with snow pants and sweatshirts!

we have our own little hill right in our own back yard that the kids LOVE it works well for us...during the summer it's perfect for our slip-n-slide and during GREAT for sledding!!

every first Saturday Lowes or Home Depot has free kids workshops. here we are at the first one in February...Sarah was being goofy!

we have really tried focusing on the girls writing and spelling their names..they love to do "homework!

every day that passes we really thank Jesus for touching our little girl! WE have been blessed! the girls find themselves talking about Jesus and Heaven and going there some day. Sarah has begun to ask questions about the day we found out she had a tumor in her head and how the doctor took it out. she asks all the time why she had Cancer. Questions i knew we would be answering sooner or later. We share what we know she will understand in ways she will understand. and there are questions she asks that we simply have to say," I don't know" she woners and voices why did Jesus not take her to heaven(though i want her to rejoice in the healing,,,,i get teary eyed hearing my 4 year old ask these kinds of question) i find myself looking at her and asking Jesus the same questions, why did you choose to heal her. i know God has an awesome plan, and i am so thankful beyond words that she has been healed, it just hurts to know that other mothers don't get to see their daughters or sons healing this side of heaven.

every night i thank the Lord for one more day with Sarah, and I thank him for his healing touch, i don't take one day for granted.

not sure where all that came from..just have a heart to share tonight.

i have been following a couple of families who have/had little girls with cancer. one lost the fight this side of heaven at the age of 4 and one fighting for her life. when i hear of families like these i can' help but get alump in my stomach, knowing how close we came to this ugly thing called cancer taking out daughters life as well.

will you please pray for these to families?

1. Janet Donovan whose daughter lost her fight a few months ago tomorrow. she was only 4years old

2. and 6 year old Kate, click here to read her story.

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