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Monday, March 11, 2013

Final MRI week!

hi everyone, we have entered the week of Sarah's final MRI! ths mom is overwhelmed by God's goodness and faithfulness. He has been by our side since before we knew Sarah even exsisted. There is not a day that goes by that I look at our little girl and stand in awe of God and think about the lives he will touch through this one vessel. I am honored and humbled to be her mom! Friday morning we will eat jello for breakfast and drink apple juice. we will let her make the calls for that one day =0) she is beyond excited to spend the very next day at a friends house who has a Lala Lupsi all over her bedroom! I will be back with a good report, no doubt. I do ask you to pray for her in these areas. will you please let m know and for years to come let Sarah know that you all thought about her, by leaving a comment below?
  please pray: that she stays healthy this week,
that there will be no problems getting to the hospital,
  as they go to start the IV that she will be willing to share =0) her veins.
For Sarah that she will not become nervous, she did so well last time they only had to poke two times.
please pray for the nurse that will be working on here that the Holy spirit will guide her.
GOd will use this opportunity to use Sarah in opening doors of God's goodness. Last time Sarah questioned why she even had to go through the MRI because in her child like faith, "Jesus has alredy healed me mommy!"
 it's amazing and very humbling to here that come from a 5 year old's mouth!
Friends, Sarah is scheduled for 1:00 MRI I will be bringing my laptop and will keep you posted.
For now, I leave you with theses mometns from yesterday as we got out and enjoyed the nice spring like weather

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