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Monday, June 30, 2008

in and out of the hospital..

Sarah seemed to be doing really good except for a couple of colds. In May of 2007 we began to make frequent doctors appointments for both girls, though Sarah always seemed to be worse. Sarah began putting on weight. This began to raise red flags, when she was about 6 pounds bigger then her sister, because of the weight gain and asthma problems she began to fall way behind developmentally. She was taken by Ambulance right from her pediatrics office at least twice, the Reason: she could not keep her oxygen level up in the 90 %.

so we became good friends with doctors and nurses in the children's hospital where she was admitted. it seems as though Sarah felt the need to see the nurses and Dr A. for about 3 or four days a month!! once in a while Victoria joined her...these were some of the pictures of Sarah's longer stays...

WE could not figure out why she was all of a sudden gaining weight. at the time we laughed that this baby "B' who the doctors were concerned with because she wasn't gaining, was now having the opposite problem, she was now close to 6 pounds bigger then her twin. We got so many people praying that Sarah would grow, we now had to tell them to stop praying God had heard their prayers! Meanwhile the list of Doctors for Sarah grew longer.

all jokes put aside, I knew that God was preparing me for something, He had placed the song that goes like this..."you give and you take way, but my heart will choose to say, 'bless it be the name of the Lord" it was scary seeing my daughter hooked up to monitors ,and watching her oxygen level drop, so she had to have oxygen going into her, it was heart wrenching every time they came in to try and do blood work and after countless attempts the nurses gave up because they just couldn't find a good vein. she had numerous x-rays to see if they could find any infections... everything came back clear...

We knew that God gave her to us and that He had and Has a VERY special plan for her little life, it was not by chance that she was given the name Sarah Grace, Out Little Princess. because no matter what was wrong, she would always know she was our little princess...

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