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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I the night before Sarah's Surgery i was very busy emailing and calling people. letting them know that Sarah was going to need surgery to remove the brain tumor. Jacob stayed with me in the hospital. and we were preparing ourselves for the next day.

Our other 3 three children were taken to Grandma and Grandpa's, so that our attention could be solely on Sarah. She was such a trooper.

This is Sarah and Daddy the morning of the surgeryand this is My parents with Sarah. They wanted to be with us to help us through the day and to just be our support. this pictures is just a few minutes before we headed downstairs the the OR.

WE said a prayer for the Doctor and for Sarah and then we were off.

Those last few minutes we had with our daughter went way to fast!

The Doctor came out and showed us exactly where the incision would be and how long it would take. Sarah was then placed in the nurses arms where we watched as Sarah looked at the nurse and then looked at us, instead of crying she let out this squeal! she mad eye contact with the nurse and never looked back at us again.

God was so real at that moment. We asked that he'd give Sarah peace as they carried her off and that peace was so evident! it would have been heart wrenching if Sarah was screaming as they took her away, I didn't want to see my Daughter like that before the surgery.

We knew that God was in control, but we had no idea what His plans were. But we placed Sarah in His Arms and humbly asked that he would simply prepare us for what the "plan" was.

God was working, we had the peace that surpasses all understanding. She is not ours, she is a gift from God. We get the privilege to "rent" our sons and daughters.

we were told that the operation would take 4-5 hours. and that we would be called when she was done.

we had decided to go someplace. I didn't not want to sit and wait, so we did the next best thing...we went shopping at Walmart!!

Those 4.5 hours went so slow! and then the phone rang.

Sarah had made it through the surgery and was headed to the PICU.
The doctors told us what we were walking in on, more so that we wouldn't freak out! Sarah was sleeping and was resting comfortably. she was placed on Morphine and so it was making her sleepy. she had 25 stitched, and her eye was pretty swollen. she could not open it.
As I walked into the room, i looked at her and i saw nothing more then a miracle baby that was so beautiful!! She is a big/little girl with an even bigger plan from God on her life!!.

She was fighting the bandage on her head and the nurses decided to tie her arms down, which just made Sarah more mad! she was able to get out of everything they tried. finally i spoke up and said, just take it off her head, she will leave it alone. when they finally listen to my advice, Sarah did exactly what i said, she left her head alone!
The next 24 hours would be crucial. she needed to eat and make eye contact.
At first we couldn't get her to drink anything and their was a concern that she would need a blood transfusion. I got on the phone and asked people to believe with us that this wouldn't need to happen. with in 4 hours of asking for prayer Sarah showed signs of getting better.
She was moved to a normal room.
the plan was to begin weaning her from the morphine and the first day she could go with only Tylenol as needed, they would discharge her with in 48 hours.
the very next day she was off of it, but needed Tylenol every 4 hours. so we were just playing a waiting game..meanwhile Sarah become more and more like herself...

this was Sarah a couple of days after her surgery!

the floor actually put up the Christmas tree and had the children in each room call Santa!The lady holding Sarah by the tree quickly become both mommy and Sarah's favorite!

She was another one of our favorites!

This was the team...The surgeon on the left was the one who was in charge!! Sarah was doing wonderful until this group of white coats walked in!! she was not a fan of them!!!

they doctors and nurses where all amazed at how well Sarah was doing! and how quickly she got off of the Morphine! It was truly a testimony of How God uses doctors sometimes! I truly believe that God can do all things, but at times He chooses to use Doctors. Dr T did not heal my daughter, God used him, used his hands to heal my daughter.

We had to now wait for the biopsy to come back. but we were just rejoicing that God allowed us to have our daughter a little longer! She is a fighter and i tell everyone, God has a huge plan for this little girl!

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